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Great 5 Star Review for Shades of Death posted on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome second novel in the series – cannot wait for # 3! June 24, 2013
By T. A. Welch
Format:Paperback “Shades of Death continues the Gauntlet Runner series and the ongoing saga of Joshua and Maggie Murray. I really enjoyed the second book, perhaps more than the first. The storytelling is gripping and breaks relatively comfortably between the Jacob story line and Maggie story line (although a couple of times I was thinking “what, you are leaving us here??”). S.Thomas Bailey’s grasp of not only the French Indian war, but the region in which the war took place, is excellent – his weaving of key facts and locations into the story is done well and you are really pulled into the storyline, and find yourself caring about the characters (including a few who unfortunately meet their end in the bloody war). Once again I read the book in a weekend and once again I am anxious for the next one…well done. If you enjoy a narrative storyline with lots of conversation between the characters, and deft descriptions of a historical fiction – try this one out.”
Thanks and Enjoy!