THE WRITE STUFF: Your novel’s target market

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THE WRITE STUFF: Your target market

I think sometimes with all our enthusiasm after we have finished our novel and begin our marketing plan we tend to try to be everything to everybody.
DON”T bother. The best plan is to find who would be the best potential customers or groups you should focus your first marketing efforts on.
My own experience with my historical-fiction novel was to target, obviously, French and Indian War enthusiasts. I also sent complimentary copies of my novel to two artists whom specialize in that period and several gallery’s that carry their paintings. Copies were sent to editors of a number of magazines that cater to black powder users and reenactors. I also requested them to review the novel as a bonus.
I have done intervews and have booked a couple of speaking engagements to talk about the F&I War. I sent out Press Releases to National Parks in the US and ParksOntario in Canada.
I know you can’t ignore the general public but if you identify your market of customers who already love the period/topic/genre you wrote about, it makes for some strong results and positive reviews or comments.
The writing process was by far the most enjoyable but the reality is you are doing it to make some money or some notoriety…so marketing is critical to ensure you get your novel in the right readers hands.

Cheers, Steve

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