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Great write up from a judge for Writer’s Digest

Entry Title: Shades of Death

Author: S. Thomas Bailey

Judge Number: 82

Entry Category: Genre Fiction

Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “needs improvement” and 5 meaning “outstanding”. This scale is strictly to provide a point of reference, it is not a cumulative score and does not reflect ranking.

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Structure and Organization: 5

Grammar: 5

Production Quality and Cover Design: 5

Plot (if applicable): 5

Character Development (if applicable): 5

Judges Commentary*:

SHADES OF DEATH: THE GAUNTLET RUNNER BOOK II by S. Thomas Bailey is an intriguing story written by a skilled author who really cares about history. Those who enjoy serious yet entertaining historical fiction with epic conflicts that reflect the times would do well to read this novel.

The cover conveys in an excellent manner the situation and setting. Though illustrations are less common than costumed models on most of today’s covers, the artwork is lovely and will attract readers’ attention.

I like that the author includes endorsements on the back cover along with the plot teaser. Inclusion of the web site address also lends a great air of professionalism.

Inside, the layout is impressive and makes the appearance of the pages look more expensive than a book you’d read and then toss. It was great to see even more praises straightaway.

The maps are wonderful. Excellent author photo and bio. I appreciated seeing recommendations for other sources where readers could learn more.

The story is well written and entertaining. I am confident the author knows his topic, cares about it, and has put in more than the requisite research. I could pass this book along to any historian without risk of embarrassment that I had recommended a careless novel.

Great job!

*Commentary may be quoted as: “Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards”

Great feedback! Please share with your friends and make a note for the fast approaching Holiday Season.

Shades of Death Awarded Gold Medal!


“Congratulations S. Thomas Bailey!
Shades of Death
is a 2013 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner!”

Shades of Death, book 2 in The Gauntlet Runner Series, was just named the best in Fiction-Adventure category in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards. Please share this with your friends and help me spread the word about the series. Book 3, ‘Forest Sentinels’ will be available in early 2014. The series is available online directly through me at: www.thegauntletrunner1754.com, or at Lord Nelson’s Gallery (www.lordnelsons.com) , Amazon, B&N and can ordered by your local booksellers.
Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Book Signing At Bushy Run this Weekend

Will be selling and signing copies of the first two books in my Award-Winning The Gauntlet Runner series this Saturday and Sunday at Bushy Run. Will be at the Stone Room in the Visitors Center.Come out and enjoy the 250th Celebration and pick up a copy…makes for a great summer read or a gift for a friend/family. Thanks!

Great 5 Star Review for Shades of Death posted on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome second novel in the series – cannot wait for # 3! June 24, 2013
By T. A. Welch
Format:Paperback “Shades of Death continues the Gauntlet Runner series and the ongoing saga of Joshua and Maggie Murray. I really enjoyed the second book, perhaps more than the first. The storytelling is gripping and breaks relatively comfortably between the Jacob story line and Maggie story line (although a couple of times I was thinking “what, you are leaving us here??”). S.Thomas Bailey’s grasp of not only the French Indian war, but the region in which the war took place, is excellent – his weaving of key facts and locations into the story is done well and you are really pulled into the storyline, and find yourself caring about the characters (including a few who unfortunately meet their end in the bloody war). Once again I read the book in a weekend and once again I am anxious for the next one…well done. If you enjoy a narrative storyline with lots of conversation between the characters, and deft descriptions of a historical fiction – try this one out.”
Thanks and Enjoy!

Great Idea for Father’s Day!

Give your Father something to read! Try Shades of Death, Book 2 in the Award winning The Gauntlet Runner series.
Here is the most recent 5 STAR review of Shades of Death:

“This is the gripping tale of Maggie and Jacob, whose family and lives were torn apart as the French and British battle for control of the Ohio Valley. S. Thomas Bailey masterfully weaves the history of the era in the pages of this book. Even those unfamiliar with the times will be able to journey with all sides as they converge on the Ohio Valley. We are able to meet the ill-fated Major-General Braddock, George Washington, and even catch a glimpse of Benjamin Franklin. The Huron, whom we get to know a lot about, have a major presence in the tale. For example, we learn that they believed that “the scalp represents the warrior’s soul.” This is the second in the Gauntlet Runner series, but can stand alone. ”

Quill says: Shades of Death is historical fiction as its very best as S. Thomas Bailey brings the struggles of Colonial America to life.

For more information on Shades of Death: The Gauntlet Runner Book II, please visit the book’s website at: www.thegauntletrunner1754.com
For the full review please visit: http://www.featheredquill.com/

Also, if you would like a signed copy for him, I will be at History Meets the Arts in Gettysburg, PA on June 14 and 15th, signing copies of both books in the series. Check www.lordnelsons.com for further information. Thanks and enjoy!