Brenda Castro for Readers Favorite

“In 1754 Jacob Murray and his twin brother Israel leave their homes, wives and children to sign up for a six month stint with the Virginia Militia which is lead by George Washington, who is trying to secure the Ohio Valley against the French.Jacob quickly rises to the rank of Corporal and looks forward to battle, but when tragedy strikes Jacob rethinks his enlistment and wants to return home to his wife Maggie. Little does he know that shortly after he left home that farms in his area were raided by Huron Indians, and his family was taken captive. Will Jacob ever see his family again?

This novel takes the reader on an epic journey back in time when Indians still roamed the woods and the French and English were battling for control of the Ohio Valley. I found myself mesmerized with this story. The author weaves together enough fiction with facts to make for a very realistic story. There were two story lines going on with this book. One was the adventures of Jacob and his brother, and the other was the story of the captives and Maggie, which was actually my favorite parts of the story. There were a few unsettling descriptions of the treatment that the captives received from the Indians, but it lent a more realistic feel to the story. Not only did the author do a brilliant job of bringing the two story lines together he leaves the reader with a real cliffhanger that has this reader wanting to know the rest of the story! An added bonus for this book was the timeline of important events that he includes at the ending of the story.

Anyone who enjoys a very well researched, fictionalized story that gives a glimpse of early American history will certainly enjoy this one.”

Ted Rastatter

“Two weeks ago I ran a race through the woods in my hometown of Springfield, OH.  The race was called “The Gauntlet” and I won it…complete with cannon fire and musket shots throughout the trail run.   They gave me a signed copy of your book and I just finished it tonight.  Loved the story!
I thought you would find it interesting that I am a descendent of Simon Kenton.  My brother’s middle name is Kenton and My family lineage goes back very far and we have all stayed in the Ohio Valley (Springfield, Urbana, Xenia, Yellow Springs Oh).  The race I ran was actually on the battlefield of Peckuwe in George Rogers Clark Park.
Thanks for the book.  I enjoyed it greatly.” 

Emil “Junebuggore” Gore

“Greetings,I purchased “The Gauntlet Runner”,from you,at Ft. Frederick. I really like your style of writing!! I couldn’t put it down,till it was finished. I would like to purchase,a copy of Shades of Death.”

Chris Piccone

“I have been seeing things on different websites that you have a new book out, the 2nd for the gauntlet runner? is this true and is it out yet? I really liked the first one and was even able to get my 16 yr old step son to read it from cover to cover. it became one of his favorite books, and it is really hard to get him to read something. if you could please let me know where I can pick up the second that would be great, you did a great job on the first one. and we are also involved in black powder and historical trekking, etc. thank you for your time in this matter.”


GRIPPING: Most of my time reading The Gauntlet Runner was spent in a state of nervous agitation, worrying about the characters. The author provided graphic descriptions which evoked powerful images…although, amazingly, without using a lot of words.  I simultaneously looked forward to and dreaded the twists and turns in the plot.  I rapidly read through the book, eager to know that everyone would be alright in the end…”

Book Series by award-winning author S. Thomas Bailey