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My collection of French and Indian War Weapons, Uniforms and Gear

My collection of French and Indian War weapons, uniforms and gear I have amassed over the years.

This is only a sample of my powder horns, hawks, war clubs, knives and neck knives with sheaths in my collection.

“She had seen some of the Delaware men wearing trade-silver gorgets and tattoos over their chest and neck, but these Hurons were much more impressive. They had their heads painted from just above their eyes to the back of their necks, in black, making them look frightening…these Hurons wore basically a breechcloth held up with a thin piece of leather strapping fashioned as a belt and buckskin leggings for protecting their legs from bushes, branches and the numerous snakes in the regon. They carried a musket, powder horn, and a small decorative bag for their shooting supplies. Most had beautifully stitched sheaths hung around their necks, used to hold their only knife…”

Quote from The Gauntlet Runner-A Tale from the French and Indian War