Building your brand: Remember to promote yourself along with your book

You spend all your time promoting, blogging, face-booking or tweeting our book but what about YOU.

Building your brand is just as important as building a marketing plan for your book.

What to consider when branding yourself?

First off, look at your expertise and educational experience.  What qualifies you to write on a particular topic?  In my case, my novel is a historical fiction that takes place during the French and Indian War. I started to do my research.  I read, I visited, I spoke to other experts on anything involving the war or that period.

It took me several years and countless hours to feel comfortable enough to write on the topic. The reality is you do not need to be an expert but you need to do your due diligence.  Link with others who have similar interests.  Read books in your chosen genre to see what is out in the market. Build a resource center, either on-line or a home-library, that you can easily access.

I collect artifacts, uniforms, weapons and anything from the F&I War period. I find holding a war club or musket gives me a ‘real’ feel and helps my writing.

How to build your brand?

You can further build your brand by working with your local bookseller, library or community center by starting a book club featuring the genre you write in.  Offer to teach a writing coarse, do a seminar and any other outlet that will promote you as a writer and expert.

How many times when someone asks you what you do for a living and you tell them you are a writer, the person finds it fascinating?

People love writers!  Write for your local paper. Start a blog to reach a bigger audience.  Have fun with it.

Promoting yourself is just as important as marketing your book but most of us tend to over look it. I will be blogging further about branding and promoting yourself, so please add to the blog and lets be proud of being writers.

Talk soon and keep writing.


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